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DuraBase Soft Instructions (2019)

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1. For Product Updates & Information, sign up at reliancedental.net/contact Chairside self curing Cures in the mouth Long lasting Easy fabrication of soft tissue models High color stability Economical and easy to use

2. CHAIRSIDE INSTRUCTIONS 1. Clean and roughen denture area to be rebased. Dry denture completely. 2. Lubricate the labial and buccal surfaces within 1/8" of the peripheral border. 3. Paint reline area with DuraBase Repair Liquid. This assures a chemical bond. 4. Recommended powder/liquid proportions: Powder 10ml - large plastic vial Liquid 5ml - small plastic vial Add liquid to powder in mixing cup and stir thoroughly for only 30 seconds. 5. Wait approximately 1 minute and apply mixture to denture. 6. Insert denture in mouth and have patient close mouth lightly into occlusion. 7. After approximately 3–4 minutes in the mouth, muscle-trim the borders, then remove the denture and trim the excess. Rinse the denture in cold tap water and reseat in patient’s mouth. 8. DuraBase Soft sets in approximately 15 minutes when cured in the mouth. Remove denture after curing, trim any excess material with a sharp blade or scissors. To smooth edges, a hot spatula can be used. PACKAGE CONTAINS : 4 oz. Powder; 4 oz. Liquid Reliance Dental Manufacturing, LLC • 5805 W. 117th Place • Alsip, IL 60803 European Representative: Richard L. Milano Via Tiepolo 10126 Torino, Italy


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