DuraLay Temporary Crown & Bridge Instructions

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1. For Product Updates & Information, sign up at reliancedental.net/contact/updates Front Sets in only 5 minutes Strong hard acrylic Easy to trim Minimal shrinkage Ideal for temporary crowns and bridges DuraLay Temp Crn Brdg Instruction sheet FLAT SIZE: 4.25w x 6.5h 2 pages (2-sided)

2. Back INSTRUCTIONS DuraLay is a cold-curing resin supplied as powder and liquid. Th e powder is methyl methacrylate polymer. Th e liquid is methyl methacrylate monomer. Th e mixing proportion is 3 parts powder to 1 part liquid by volume or 20 g powder to 10 cc liquid by weight. 1. Take an impression prior to doing any preparatory work, using alginate, rubber base, silicone or hydrocolloid. Lay aside and keep moist. 2. Complete all tooth preparations and then lubricate teeth with vaseline or a silicone lubricant. 3. Dry impression thoroughly. Apply su ffi cient liquid directly to impression with medicine dropper and add powder. Dispense powder from plastic bottle by shaking lightly until liquid is absorbed. More liquid and powder can be added if needed. For temporary crown, using crown form, fi ll form half full of liquid and add powder until liquid is absorbed. 4. A ft er impression or crown form is fi lled with DuraLay, wait one minute for dull appearance. Reset in mouth in proper position. Working time is 3 min - utes from start of mix. Th e impression can then be removed from the mouth without distorting. Set impression on bench for complete hardening, which is approximately 5 minutes from the start of mix. 5. Remove DuraLay from impression or crown form and trim excess. Th e tempo - rary crown or bridge is fi nished and polished with stones or carbine burs and conventional composite polishing instruments, then cemented into place. PR ECAUTIONS — Surrounding gingival tissues should be protected from the DuraLay resin. Exposed vital dentin should also be protected from DuraLay resin. May cause skin irritation. Use with adequate ventilation. PACKAGE CONTAINS : 2- 2 oz. Liquids; 2 oz Powder of Shades: 62, 65, 69, 77 Reliance Dental Manufacturing, LLC s 5805 W. 117th Place s Alsip, IL 60803 European Representative: Richard L. Milano Via Tiepolo 10126 Torino, Italy DuraLay Temp Crn Brdg Instruction sheet FLAT SIZE: 4.25w x 6.5h 2 pages (2-sided) DuraLay Temp Crn Brdg Instruction sheet FLAT SIZE: 4.25w x 6.5h 2 pages (2-sided)


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