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1. For Product Updates & Information, sign up at Front Holds Dentures Reduces Pain Aids Healing Purifies Breath Hastens Adjustments GUM AID Instruction sheet FLAT SIZE: 4.25w x 6.5h 2 pages (2-sided)

2. Back GUM AID Instruction sheet FLAT SIZE: 4.25w x 6.5h 2 pages (2-sided) GUM AID Instruction sheet FLAT SIZE: 4.25w x 6.5h 2 pages (2-sided) Helps patients three ways. For your denture patients in the chair or in the home, Gum-Aid has been formulated to give quick and lasting comfort and satisfaction. Whether dentures are new or old, your patients will appreciate Gum-Aid. Because this proven ointment serves a three-fold purpose, it prevents unnecessary return visits and avoids needless trimming of fi ne prosthetic work — conserving your valuable chair time. EFFECTIVE ANALGESIC Th e Benzocaine content provides a mildly anesthetic action that mini - mizes pain and discomfort during the healing and adjustment period. For older cases, it soothes sore spots on the ridges or the periphery caused by resorption or occlusal changes. LASTING ADHESIVE Each application of Gum-Aid lasts approximately 24 hours, depending upon the individual case, it securely holds dentures in position while chew - ing by helping to stabilize the restoration. Gum-Aid is not sticky and does not dilute with abnormal fl ow of saliva. HEALING AID Gum-Aid assists in relieving post-extraction pain; it soothes lesions or bruises of the tissue, thus quickening the healing action. It stimulates circulation, thereby helping to reduce the danger of infection. PACKAGE CONTAINS : .25 oz tubes Reliance Dental Manufacturing, LLC s 5805 W. 117th Place s Alsip, IL 60803 European Representative: Richard L. Milano Via Tiepolo 10126 Torino, Italy


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