Designed for Dentist’s Needs

DuraLay Temporary Crown & Bridge was created to handle the specific needs of temporary elements in restoration work.  It is precision-made using only the most meticulously sourced ingredients, providing a temporary product that performs every bit as well as permanent ones.

The outstanding quality and affordable price of DuraLay Temporary Crown & Bridge has made it a product trusted by dentists worldwide for years

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DuraLay Temporary Crown & Bridge

Extra-easy to polish and trim for an extremely hard temporary solution that is the ideal choice for crown and bridge restorations. Self-cures in 4-5 minutes with very little shrinkage.  Longer lasting than most other options allowing more flexibility for patients and dentists.

Tooth-shaded to match patients’ teeth.

Your Practice’s needs are not Temporary

The right materials  help make your practice more efficient. The high reliability, affordability, and long-lasting nature of DuraLay Temporary Crown & Bridge makes it a better choice. Make it your permanent solution.


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Strong, yet Easy to Use

Provides the strength to stand up to patients’ needs, but does so without making it difficult for the dentist to work with when applying.

Longer Lasting

While designed for temporary use, temporaries sometimes stay in longer. DuraLay Temporary Crown & Bridge allows that flexibility up to a year or more.

Tooth Shaded

Available in a variety of shades designed to match patients’ teeth.

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Temporary Crown & Bridge
Lab Package  

Package contains 8 oz. powder, 8 oz. liquid, lubricant jar, dropper. Choice of 14 tooth shades.

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Temporary Crown & Bridge Standard Package

Package contains 2 oz. powder, 2 oz. liquid and dropper. Powder shade #59.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Temporary Crown & Bridge Kit

Kit contains 1 each 2 oz. powders (shades 62, 65, 69, 77) and 4 oz. liquid.

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