Designed for Dentist’s Needs  

DuraSeal Temporary Filling Acrylic is an ideal choice for creating temporary fillings for cavities or for temporary inlays.  It was developed by determining the perfect mix of ingredients which provide precise performance for temporary use, making it the perfect bridge to permanent work

Like all Dura products, DuraSeal is American made, but used by dentists worldwide.

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DuraSeal Temporary Filling Acrylic

Choice of Dentists Worldwide DuraSeal is easy to mix and work with, and cures quickly for efficiency in chairside work. It is softer than permanent products for easy removal, but is designed to remain stronger than most other options allowing more flexibility for patients and dentists.

Tooth-shaded to match patients’ teeth.

Perfect for your Practice

Efficient materials help make your practice more profitable and patient-preferred. The high reliability, affordability, and long-lasting nature of an outstanding chairside solution like DuraSeal makes it the right choice for today.

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Strong, but Soft

Provides the strength to stand up to patients’ needs, but in a soft material that’s easy to work with both when applying and removing.

Long Lasting

While designed for temporary use, sometimes temporaries need to stay in longer. DuraSeal allows that flexibility up to a year or more. 

Minimum outlay for Inlays

DuraSeal’s affordable price is a big benefit for temporary inlay and cavity work, for you and your patients

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DuraSeal Economy Package  

Package includes 8 oz. powder, 8 oz. liquid and dropper.

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DuraSeal Standard Package

Package includes 2 oz. powder, 2 oz. liquid and dropper.

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