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1. For Product Updates & Information, sign up at reliancedental.net/contact/updates Front Treats and Tones Irritated Tissue Generates a Functional Impression DuraConditioner Instruction sheet FLAT SIZE: 4.25w x 6.5h 2 pages (2-sided)

2. Back INSTRUCTIONS 1. Clean and check the denture for centric occlusion and vertical cover - age. Relieve all undercuts and pressure areas. 2. Fill the shorter plastic vial with powder and taller plastic vial with liquid and mix together for 1 minute. A ft er standing for an additional minute, pour into denture. 3. Rinse the patient’s mouth with cold water and insert the denture. Have the patient close gently into occlusion. 4. A ft er another 3–4 minutes, have patient talk or read aloud to generate a functional impression. A ft er 10 minutes, remove denture and remove over fl ow material. 5. Examine denture for any pressure areas. If denture base material shows through, indicating pressure area, relieve the area with cc trimmer or carbide bur. Th ese areas may be fi lled by the brush technique or by making another small mix of DuraConditioner. 6. Have patient return periodically to check progress of treatment until the tissue response becomes fi nalized. 7. For functional impression, have patient wear denture for at least 5 hours up to a maximum of 24 hours. Pour stone model as soon as possi - ble a ft er removal of impression. PACKAGE CONTAINS : 4 oz. Powder; 4 oz. Liquid Reliance Dental Manufacturing, LLC s 5805 W. 117th Place s Alsip, IL 60803 European Representative: Richard L. Milano Via Tiepolo 10126 Torino, Italy DuraConditioner Instruction sheet FLAT SIZE: 4.25w x 6.5h 2 pages (2-sided) DuraConditioner Instruction sheet FLAT SIZE: 4.25w x 6.5h 2 pages (2-sided)


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