DuraLay Plastic Pins Instructions

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1. For Product Updates & Information, sign up at reliancedental.net/contact/updates Serrated so DuraLay will readily adhere Tapered for easy insertion into canal Complete burnout with DuraLay Resin, leaving no residue

2. Reliance Dental Manufacturing, LLC s 5805 W. 117th Place s Alsip, IL 60803 European Representative: Richard L. Milano Via Tiepolo 10126 Torino, Italy INSTRUCTIONS 1. Prepare canal to desired length and size. 2. Lubricate the canal with DuraLay Lubricant or mineral oil. 3. Make a mix of DuraLay and apply it into the canal or use the brush technique and paint DuraLay into the canal. 4. Dip the DuraLay pin into the DuraLay Liquid, then add DuraLay onto the pin using the brush technique. 5. Insert into the canal and remove excess DuraLay. DuraLay will set up completely in about 5 minutes. Before it is set up, (approximately 4 minutes) remove pattern and reinsert into the canal. Th is will facilitate the fi nal removal of the pattern if undercuts are present. 6. Sprue and cast. PACKAGE CONTAINS : 50 pieces


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